The Subtle Beauty of Domestic Aesthetics

Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed three works, of film, theatre and creative non-fiction respectively, all of which had one thing in common: a preoccupation with domestic objects. Following this unexpected conflux of images from various sources, the role of domestic imagery and paraphernalia, both as theatrical setting and as part of one’s everyday life, … More The Subtle Beauty of Domestic Aesthetics

Celebrating the End of Summer and Keeping the Old Gods Alive

Before launching into a long (and possibly boring if it’s not your thing) philosophical monologue I’ll start with the interesting bit, i.e. Halloween celebrations. Tomorrow night I’ll be celebrating in a most traditional, pagan fashion around a bonfire in the big field behind Vauxhall station. It looks absolutely amazing and it’s all free! To the … More Celebrating the End of Summer and Keeping the Old Gods Alive

Death and Deactivation

I deactivated my Facebook account last Sunday. On Monday morning I started panicking about whether I could still log back as the e-mail address I’d signed up with had expired (I was more worried about not being able to return in order to permanently delete my account than about missing out on status updates). I … More Death and Deactivation

No Exit

You know how in the previous post I said I’ve been through a crisis induced by seeing a Beckett play live? I never really got out of it and that is why my blogging has been so scarce, as has been my writing of poetry and fiction. In Happy Days, the protagonist keeps talking to … More No Exit