Lights Out – Anthology

Lights Out – A Year of Poetry from Until the Light Goes Out is finally here! This vibrant collection brings together a variety of poets, some of them new voices and some more established, all connected through having shared beautiful moments in the blue spotlight of the Library Bar’s upstairs room.

Edited by Irina Jauhiainen (me!) and Michael CliftLOcover


Tom Bland • Catherine Brogan • Pat Cash • Jazzman John Clarke • Dan Cohen • Isabel del Rio • Ray Diamond • Brian Docherty • Alain English • Sunshine Faggio • Mike Galsworthy • Stephen Gill • Chip Grim • Anthony Hett • Mel Jones • Sean Wai Keung • Cheryl Moskowitz • Julie Mullen • Cheryl McLennan • Amy Neilson Smith • Niall O’Sullivan • Frances Presley

I’m sold out of my copies now, so please e-mail Mike ( if you’d like to purchase a copy. Thanks a million to everyone who’s bought it already, hope you’re enjoying it!

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