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birdsong vs. plastic bag // austere beauty for tortured souls // song lyric review

“Blackbird, don’t sing,” goes the refrain of Finland’s this year’s Eurovision song. While the singing of a blackbird is a common trope in poetry and song lyrics, symbolising ultimate beauty that soothes the soul, it is perfectly understandable why the … Continue reading

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The Subtle Beauty of Domestic Aesthetics

Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed three works, of film, theatre and creative non-fiction respectively, all of which had one thing in common: a preoccupation with domestic objects. Following this unexpected conflux of images from various sources, the role of … Continue reading

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A Film Review in Retrospect: Thelma and Louise

Once every two or three years I’m overtaken by the urge to watch Thelma and Louise, and yesterday was the occasion of the most recent re-watch. It’s a classic that never gets old and its philosophical dimensions are as relevant … Continue reading

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‘Terminator: Genisys’ – A Cross-disciplinary Film Review (Spoiler Alert)

The latest development of the iconic Terminator film series (Cameron 2015) has received a lot of criticism as well as praise for various reasons, all of which are mainly to do with the film itself, the production process or issues … Continue reading

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