Poem: Swans

Swans (after Lawrence Durrell, kind of) when news headlines scream bloodbaths and terror threats when people grow fearful and cancel holiday plans when armed guards patrol every threshold when social media trends augur #WW3 the only thing left to do is walk to the river where swans float by and viciously war over breadcrumbs is … More Poem: Swans

Let’s Get Metaphysical

My next performance will be at a reading inspired by Metaphysical Poetry next Friday, March 11th, at the Poetry Café in London’s Covent Garden. The event is organised by Anouche Sherman and features (alongside myself) Nicki Heinen, Tom Bland, Isabel del Rio, Anthony Howell, Cameron Uzoka, Stephen Watts, Ziba Karbassi, Michael Wyndham, George MacBeth and Woldek … More Let’s Get Metaphysical

A Poem: ‘Rewrite (For Leonora Carrington)’

Rewrite For Leonora Carrington Come over for dinner, sit at my table– it’s a few years late, I know, but come over dead, what little remains of your flesh hanging from yellowing bones. I’ve always found the dead better company than the living. Madness is welcome in this house, too; madness abounds in this house, … More A Poem: ‘Rewrite (For Leonora Carrington)’

Celebrating the End of Summer and Keeping the Old Gods Alive

Before launching into a long (and possibly boring if it’s not your thing) philosophical monologue I’ll start with the interesting bit, i.e. Halloween celebrations. Tomorrow night I’ll be celebrating in a most traditional, pagan fashion around a bonfire in the big field behind Vauxhall station. It looks absolutely amazing and it’s all free! To the … More Celebrating the End of Summer and Keeping the Old Gods Alive

Poetry at the Room – Tonight’s Readings

Saturday 3 October 2015 Poetry at The Room, 33 Holcombe Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS (at 7.30) will feature a reading by James Byrne, Sarah Law, Kate Bingham and Anouche Sherman – hosted by Irina Jauhiainen. (£5 entry plus donation for refreshment) James Byrne James Byrne is a poet, editor, translator and Lecturer in poetry at Edge … More Poetry at the Room – Tonight’s Readings

I’m Not Dead

…I’ve just been horrifically negligent with my blog especially during a period when I’d have had so much relevant stuff to write about. I’ve been through a Beckett (Happy Days at the Young Vic) -induced life crisis, celebrated the first anniversary of Until the Light Goes Out, written a promising start for a short story … More I’m Not Dead

Performance Art

I gave up acting a couple of years ago in order to concentrate on reading poetry from the page or hoovering auditoriums while the opera stars rehearse, but today I’ll briefly return to the world of dressing rooms, costume changes and stage make-up for tonight’s performance art event Unmade Bed. My performance combines page poetry with … More Performance Art