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from big cities to beach boulevards and small town basement bars // nomadism as a cure for existential anxiety

The topic of my Masters thesis is a feeling that is associated with existential anxiety and often in both psychology and philosophy considered an inevitable part of human life: not feeling at home in the world. I’ll skip elaborating on … Continue reading

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Mess is Holy // On Regrets Regarding Quitting Painting

My favourite part of any life stage is the one when I toss lots of stuff, give away bags of clothing to charities and recycling centres, take what I need in a couple of suitcases and go live somewhere else. … Continue reading

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A Film Review in Retrospect: Thelma and Louise

Once every two or three years I’m overtaken by the urge to watch Thelma and Louise, and yesterday was the occasion of the most recent re-watch. It’s a classic that never gets old and its philosophical dimensions are as relevant … Continue reading

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No Exit

You know how in the previous post I said I’ve been through a crisis induced by seeing a Beckett play live? I never really got out of it and that is why my blogging has been so scarce, as has … Continue reading

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Keep Dancing ‘Till the World Ends or Whatever

Remember when the apocalypse was supposed to happen exactly a year ago? I mean a bunch of silly, sensation-hungry people misinterpreted a Mayan calendar to predict the end of the world, even though Mayan people kept telling them they don’t … Continue reading

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You Have to Catch Them Out of the Corner of Your Eye

Thursday’s Poetry in the Basement celebrated Life. Lots of fantastic poets brought in their poems about the beauty, meaning and suffering that the thing called life is composed of. The feature poets doing longer sets alongside myself, Tom Bland and … Continue reading

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Letting Go and Holding On

I was thinking of attending a meditation class on Monday – with  the theme Letting Go of Holding On. My life has felt very chaotic lately. I moved to London about a year ago, and still haven’t quite got used … Continue reading

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