I am a lonely book nerd, I live in a box of paperbacks

It’s been a year and a day since my first blog post on There’s Always Some Sort of Blues. I started off as a lonely book nerd,* expecting to have little else to blog about than book reviews and maybe occasionally pluck up the courage to post some of my own poems. However, I networked quickly and built up an OK performance career from scratch. The London poetry scene may look scary with the vast number of events and performers around, but it’s a very welcoming community as well. I’m still a book nerd – my landlady saw my bedroom the other day and promised to get me a third book shelf – but now I have more people to be nerdy about books with than I did a year ago.

I’ve been seeing some more great performance storytelling. On the 2nd of October Ben Haggarty told the Epic of Gilgamesh at the Forge in Camden. The story itself is fascinating, but I’d say Haggarty’s mime skills were my favourite bit. A week later I went to the long-running Torriano Story Night, where three floor spot storytellers were followed by Clare Murphy’s hour-long show The King of Lies. Loved it!

I’m halfway through reading the original vampire story, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s brilliant. I’ll never again bear anyone saying anything against vampire novels, basing their opinion solely on the low-quality contemporary ones. Read the original, damn it. It makes me want to go back to Highgate Cemetery (I lived in Highgate last year and spent quite a bit of time around there, looking for vampires and trying to summon George Eliot’s ghost) and see if Lucy Westenra’s still hanging about. I do also need to pay a visit to Elizabeth Siddal’s grave; I haven’t been to the cemetery since my love affair with Pre-Raphaelite art began.

There’s no better time than this to ignore the tons of interesting music and literary events happening tonight all over London, and curl up in a corner and read Gothic literature. However, as a last-minute plug, Dom & the Iko’s are playing a gig in Hackney tonight. It’s supposed to start at 9, but it’s jazz, so, you know how it’ll be. I’m still tempted to go and probably will head there around midnight in case Dracula threatens to keep me awake all night.


*The post title alludes to a Joni Mitchell song. If you get the reference and love the song, drop me a line and we’ll have a jam or something.