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Mess is Holy // On Regrets Regarding Quitting Painting

My favourite part of any life stage is the one when I toss lots of stuff, give away bags of clothing to charities and recycling centres, take what I need in a couple of suitcases and go live somewhere else. … Continue reading

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On the Uses of Nostalgia

I’m writing a short story inspired by the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris (SPOILER ALERT), one of whose main theme is nostalgia for eras gone by. The protagonist (of the film, not my story) imagines 1920s’ Paris as the … Continue reading

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The January Slimming Trick: Say a Prayer

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy food? Are you already slipping although it’s barely a week into 2015? I don’t make resolutions because they always fail, but a healthy eating related promise I keep making for … Continue reading

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Death and Deactivation

I deactivated my Facebook account last Sunday. On Monday morning I started panicking about whether I could still log back as the e-mail address I’d signed up with had expired (I was more worried about not being able to return … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Reuse and Recycle

My project for this spring is to get rid of all the stuff I don’t need. I’ve been reading Feng Shui and come to the conclusion that a radical decluttering is the only way to create a spot of clarity … Continue reading

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There’s Always Some Sort of Blues Playing in the Streets of Big Cities

Sometimes poetry is the only thing that can set you free. I live and breathe literature. I can’t even remember the exact moment I first decided I wanted to become a writer, but it was around the time I learnt … Continue reading

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