Performance Art

I gave up acting a couple of years ago in order to concentrate on reading poetry from the page or hoovering auditoriums while the opera stars rehearse, but today I’ll briefly return to the world of dressing rooms, costume changes and stage make-up for tonight’s performance art event Unmade Bed. My performance combines page poetry with physical theatre and will be partly improvised – I’m really excited and a bit nervous! It’s the first ever of this new monthly night so it’ll be a big launch party!

I went to see Stacy Makishi’s The Falsettos at the Toynbee Studios on Friday. The big venue was impressively full and it was an interesting show. Makishi included lots of different styles and subject matters into her hour-long solo show and while it was definitely laugh-out-loud entertaining, I wasn’t always sure how things connected and what the story was ultimately about. I’m still getting my head around the idea of performance art which can include a wider variety of performances than theatre or performance poetry, so a lot of performance art pieces – especially the more experimental ones – seem a bit weird to me at first. There will definitely be some strange and experimental stuff tonight at Unmade Bed, and I’m sure it’ll be fascinating even if I don’t get what all the performances are about.


My performance art thing on the Unmade Bed debut night was probably my best performance so far. I don’t know if it’s because I did well or just because of the bare skin involved but I got a great reaction from the audience. Might do the same thing again some time soon with slight revisions and maybe as a longer version.


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