Greetings from a Cold Country

Happy 2014!

And greetings from Finland. I’m one of those diligent students who’ll make use of a reading week to travel abroad. It’s very cold over here and I just saw in a weather forecast it’s sunny in London. I miss home.

The first Until the Light Goes Out of the year was amazing: there were way more people I’d ever have imagined to bother going out on a cold and dark Monday night so soon after the holidays, and all the featured performers were fantastic. We heard poetry from Alain English and Joshua Parfitt, and the gorgeous band We Used to Make Things played a few songs for the end of each half. Great show.

Our first birthday’s next month! February last year was our first show ever, and we’ve really managed to run this thing a whole year. Definitely something to celebrate! Our Edinburgh musicians Elyssa Vulpes and Dog On A Swing are coming all the way to Upper Street Islington to play at our birthday party. A regular reader at our open mic, Duncan Green, alongside David Lee Morgan, will be February’s featured poets. February 3rd then, at the Library Bar as usual, sign up for open mic by 7pm – or if you’d like to play music, please e-mail Mike ( and he’ll book you a slot for 2 songs.

One event I’m sorry to miss is Before I Die this Wednesday. They’ll feature a wonderful Italian poet Livia Franchini. Experimental poetry and performance on the menu in the womb-like basement room of the Torriano Bar.

Enjoy London, those of you who get to enjoy the perks of the big city. I’ll need to find myself a better coat.



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