Poésie in the City of Lights

I’m back from my extended weekend trip to Paris. Four days in the City of Lights is of course never enough, but I couldn’t have afforded any kind of travel had it not been for my poetry award, so I take what I can get.

The weather in Europe around this time of the year is never ideal, but Paris was definitely warmer than London, and I also managed to avoid the storm I heard took place over the weekend. There were a few sunny moments which I spent flâneuring around, absorbing the wonderful language and fascinating history of the city.

On Monday evening I went to Spoken Word Paris, which was at a great venue: the dimly lit basement of a bar called Au Chat Noir. Since there aren’t many events for English-speaking writers living in Paris (and there are plenty of English-speaking writers in Paris), this one is very popular. The night went on until late and as it’s not a good idea to miss the last Métro when needing to get to the other side of the city after midnight, I had to leave right after the show and couldn’t do as much networking as I’d have liked. However, it was an inspiring and entertaining evening. The poetry was wonderful and there were a few music acts as well. Someone did a cover of ‘Pale Blue Eyes‘ to tribute the recently deceased Lou Reed, and I’ll bet every single person in that room at very least shed a tear. It’s nice to have motivations to go back to Paris as well; I only had time for one cemetery visit so I went to the Montparnasse cemetery to say hello to Baudelaire, ditching Oscar Wilde at Père Lachaise – now I really need another, maybe a longer, Paris trip to get that off my bucket list. This lovely short film out of Paris Je t’aime is worth watching for any fan of dead poets.

Anyway, I’m really happy to be back in London, especially since the next couple of weeks will be nice and busy in the literature front. Here are some of the events coming up:

Until the Light Goes Out on Monday 4th of November
Feat. Jazzman John, Yo Zushi and Cheryl Moskowitz. Brilliant stuff coming up.

Before I Die on Wednesday 6th of November
By Sunshine Faggio and Tom Bland, feat. David Bryant. Experimental poetry and performance art at the Torriano Bar.

Paper Tiger Poetry on Friday 8th of November
London-themed poetry, hosted by Alain English, feat. Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson and me! :)

Spoken Word London on Wednesday 13th of November
Sister night to Spoken Word Paris at Vogue Fabrics, Dalston.

Just Met anthology launch on Thursday 14th of November
I’ll read my award winning poem here, I have access to extra tickets (free!) so message me if you’d like to be my guest :)

Bad Romance, Bad Poetry on Friday 15th November
Indulge in failed love life’s poetic clichés at Poetry in the Basement, an event started by me, Tom Bland and Roy Canty as a kind of a joke but accidentally evolved into a rather popular poetry night.

She Grrrowls! on Monday 18th November
Cool event in the Gallery Café near Bethnal Green Station; this month’s theme is Identity. Read my Sabotage Review of the September event here.

Also, the British Film Institute’s Gothic Season is worth checking out. Lots of old vampire films :)



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