Darkening Nights with Jazz and a bit of Inner Darkness

I had a lovely last weekend of summer “holidays,” finising on a great night out on Sunday at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, where Roy’s Big Smoke Family played a fantastic gig. I’m definitely getting into jazz again, and actually enjoyed the music at Ronnie Scott’s, though it is often said that it’s a place to go to in order to be seen, not for the music.

Tuesday’s Poetry Unplugged was as inspiring as ever. Mike Clift read out his latest poem which was received with a lot of laughter. I hope to hear it again on Monday*! My other highlight of the show was Poejazzi organiser Joshua Idehen’s hilarious Lord of the Rings -inspired poem – that must have been the hardest I’ve laughed in months! Writers’ lives tend to be too melancholy, and I confess to being one of those who intentionally dwell on momentary depression in order to write deep and philosophcial stuff (with varying if at all mentionable success). I’ve recently received an award for a small poetry competition, and while this recognition made me very happy, it is also true that I was deeply depressed while writing the award-winning poem. The absolute desolation and loss of will to live that led me to writing it was – I wouldn’t go as far as to say not worth an award, but – more than it’s healthy to experience on a regular basis. There are a couple of potentially funny and more upbeat poems I perform every now and then and that receive a laugh from the audience, but they’ll never win awards.

I will spend my award money on a weekend trip to Paris.

* Until the Light Goes Out, October 7th, 7.30pm at the Library Bar, Islington.


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