Fairytales for Adults with Inner Children

I followed my own advice from a few weeks ago and continued my exploration of the art of storytelling by attending a show organised by the Crick Crack Club. Daniel Morden told traditional gypsy fairytales, having added some bits of his own (since he’d found them, in his own words, like jigsaw puzzles from Oxfam – missing pieces), at the Soho Theatre on Monday. The more performance storytelling I see, the more I love it. Morden’s performance style was more stripped-down and less detailed than ones I’ve seen before, but the length of the stories in question made it necessary. The gypsy stories were rather similar to the fairytales I grew up hearing; tales of quests and adventures with happy endings, and as Morden emphasised to be an essential element in all stories – people disobeying orders. In his words, we wouldn’t have many stories to tell if people did as they were told (don’t touch anything, don’t open that door, don’t eat from that tree…) Conflict creates the story, and somehow everything turns out fine in the end. Controversy and disobeyance set things in motion. That’s the kind of lesson my inner child likes to hear.

There’ll be lots more brilliant storytelling nights at the Soho Theatre this autumn, here’s the programme. Highly recommended.



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