Parisian Scenes and Packing for Edinburgh

On Wednesday evening I went to the second ever instalment of Spoken Word London at Vogue Fabrics, the sister night of Spoken Word Paris where Mike and I are hoping to perform later this year once we hit the road again. The night was rather different from most poetry nights I’ve been to – a pleasant change! Vogue Fabrics is an unusual venue for poetry, more like a nightclub, but small and cosy enough to function for this purpose. Patrick Cash was a great host with a cool hat.

Photo by George Sydney Selwyn-Brace
Photo by George Sydney Selwyn-Brace

(I’ve stolen the picture from the event’s FB page. One of these days I’ll get myself a photography device of some sort and the visual representations will increase, forgive me for now.)

I also enjoyed the structure of the night: performances divided into four sections with three breaks (as opposed to the usual two halves with one break); I presume it is to follow the format of the Paris night, and stems from French people enjoying their drink and smoke breaks and not minding a show running until midnight (I don’t mean to impose any negative cultural stereotypes, I love the French, and that was intended as a compliment). There was also a nice vibe to Dalston past midnight, I fully intend to hang around that area more in the future.

It should be about time to finish packing for the Edinburgh trip, as my train will leave tomorrow at 6am and tonight’s French Poetry show is anticipated to run quite late with an afterparty to run even later. Mike and I now have matching Until the Light Goes Out uniforms (I promise there’ll be photographic evidence later), so I no longer have to wonder what to wear. I’ll have more trouble deciding which poems to bring for my Edinburgh performance, since I’ve done several dry-runs of my longer set of thematically linked poems and done some of them so many times I kind of hate them now. One thing’s for sure, after Gypsy in the Field (for which I put this long set together) I’ll abandon these poems for at least a few years and force myself to write lots of new stuff. The most important thing to pack for the weekend will be an empty notebook, as train journeys are always my best source of writing inspiration.



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