Until the Headlights Go Out I’ll Be on the Road

I made an off-hand joke about a Paris runaway plan in a recent blog post, wistfully fantasising I could visit that lovely place some time soon, but didn’t think it would ever happen. A few days after posting that, a Colorado, US -based poet friend of mine contacted me, saying he was going to Paris and – since it’d be the first time in two years we’d be on the same continent – asked if I could meet him there.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes awesome things are just damn right meant to be.

So I’m looking into the Paris poetry scene now – there are lots of English-speakers there, and even a bit of an anglophone poet community – with events at the old Shakespeare and Company bookshop. I read Sylvia Beach’s memoir about the bookshop in question a few months ago and nearly died of agony over not having been there, having no idea the place was still in existence… I’m almost scared of how easily my dreams seem to be coming true these days.

Paris Lit Up seems to be a good source of research: http://parislitup.com/open-mic-poetry/

How I’d love to say I’ve toured in Paris… I might have to get a cheap hostel room, drink lots of cognac, throw my typewriter out the window and take up smoking to fill in the proper poet stereotypes.

There’s also UK touring coming up. Saturday the 17th is the day for Until the Light Goes Out Edinburgh Special, and at the end of the month Mike and I will both head to Norfolk for Gypsy in the Field. Maybe next year if we have any money left there’ll be tours to Holland and Germany as well.


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