Lights Out, July Edition

Here’s some evidence from yesterday’s Until the Light Goes Out (Photos by Michael Clift):

Amy Neilson Smith

Sarah Rayner

Unfortunately we didn’t catch our feature acts on the pictures – but there may have been some recordings. We’re in the process of setting up a YouTube channel, so those might well become public.

Niall O’Sullivan and Anthony Hett gave tasters of their respective one-man shows. Niall’s Now Is Not the Time for Politics is part of the Camden Festival, and will be performed on four nights, 8th to 11th of August at the Sheephaven Bay on Mornington Crescent.

Anthony’s One Lump or Two is part of the Solo Festival, and showing on the 11th of July – soon! At The Lord Stanley Theatre Pub in Camden.
Both shows seem fantastic – I’ll certainly do my best to see the full versions.
Speaking of festivals – I’m not sure I should be saying this in public yet, but – there might be a little possibility that Michael and I will be inofficially taking something to Edinburgh…

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