I saw Iggy Pop on Thursday!

Photo by Michael Clift – I was too spellbound to
remember to take any!

 He was one of the acts for Southbank Centre’s Meltdown, directed this year by Yoko Ono. Patti Smith is also on the list, but her gig was, as was expected, sold out in a blink of an eye. However, Iggy was amazing. It’s astonishing how someone can have such unexhaustible energy and stage charisma at his age – he’s 66! And still looks pretty much the same as 40 years ago…should we be a bit suspicious? He also seemed like such a lovely person; every now and then he’d ask the stage crew to turn up the house lights so that he could see everybody, and then waved to the audience at the back with a genuinely happy smile across his face.

My favourite song of the set was I Wanna Be Your Dog, as could be gathered from the t-shirt I chose to wear for the occasion.

The build-up for this song was also fantastic – Iggy was down on the stage on all fours, barking like a dog, and later in the night he took someone’s belt (an audience member’s?) and chewed it. He seems to take this dog thing quite literally…

Today there are lots of things going on poetry and performance -wise. Unfortunately I don’t think I will manage to get out of the house until the evening when I go to the Poetry Cafe for a Sticks&Stones Open Mic Night. There are some afternoon activities on as well – Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word) in Stoke Newington at 3pm, and Yo Zushi and Jazzman John live at the Quinto Bookshop on Charing Cross Road at 4pm. It looks like it’ll be a good day for watching performances indoors, since not only is there a lot going on but no one’s going to spend the day in a park in this weather.



One thought on “Meltdown!

  1. He's an inspirational old fart. I have a closer relationship with the album 'Funhouse' than with many human beings who have with whom I have shared my life over the years. That album is simply alive..

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