It’s All About What You Wear

I had a minor I Have Nothing To Wear crisis last night when I went through the clothes I had intended to wear tonight for the Belle Epoque Circus Party, and realised the outfit was nowhere near good enough for a burlesque costume. But this morning the gods of fashion were on my side; as I stepped on Holloway Road, I saw that the Traid charity shop (375 Holloway Road) had a major sale on and everything in the shop was £1! I found a perfect shirt which goes well with my existing pieces – corset and bow tie – and doesn’t look bad with my favourite blazer either.

I also found a pair of leggings perfect for a circus theme from Lotus Leaf – on sale, for £5. I’d been prepared for hours of desperate clothes hunting, but ended up finding everything I needed in two shops with relatively little money and effort. Now I can concentrate on doing some really elaborate make-up for the night… I’ve also painted my nails with a glittery nail polish from a 99p store – I NEVER paint my nails – and now have the fingernails of a cheap whore. What wouldn’t I do for a fancy dress…

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