Last night at The Flying Dutchman I had, once more, a chance to overdo the eyeliner and wear a frilly dress and a cool little hat, as I performed some poetry (which was later described by the organiser Leslie as “carnal”) at La Petite Mort.


And what a great night it was! The venue is really nice, we had coloured spotlights not unlike the one at Until the Light Goes Out. My camera’s getting old so sorry about the blurry quality of the photos…although the blurriness does give them an artsy vibe :)

Here’s me, photo by Lucy Gellman

And Lucy herself, reading her brilliant poems, very intellectual – not sure I understood all the references, but as T.S. Eliot said, good poetry can be enjoyed even when not understood, and we all certainly enjoyed Lucy’s show!

Leslie Tetteh reading his poems, Sunshine Faggio heckling from the back :)

Tom Bland assisting Sunshine in preparation for her physical theatre piece Humans. They do classes in Japanese rope bondage at the Flying Dutchman by the way, if anyone’s interested in that sort of thing…just saying

This is what the stage looked like after Sunshine had finished. You can find out more about her performance on her blog BAREFOOT.
Cool stuff, all in all. And tomorrow night I’ll be going to a Belle Epoque Circus Party organised in collaboration with the Torture Garden! Corsets are encouraged in the dress code – right down my street! It’s not a fetish event; this is what is said on the Facebook event page:
“The dress code for the evening is strict, but stretches the limits of your imagination. Vintage, Glamour & Fantasy with a Dark Circus Twist (Full costumes or a dash of themed styling):
Ring Masters, Burlesque Showgirls, Leopard Print Leotards, Tattooed Ladies, Sideshow Freaks, Queens of the Flying Trapeze, Animal Masks, Clowns, Snake Charmers, Lion Tamers, Strong Men, Venice Carnival Masque Ball, Berlin Kabaret, Steam Punk, Top Hat and Tails, Feathers and Corsets, Decadent Dandies, Beautiful Ballerina’s, Ball Gowns, Cocktails Dresses, Dashing Vintage Suits. Denim doesn’t dazzle, no one swears by sportswear and smart casual definitely has no place in the divinely decadent surroundings of The Dark Circus Party.”
It’s a shame I’m on a student budget and can’t go all the way for a vintage glamour ball gown sort of thing, but the corset won’t be a problem :) Let’s hope my camera will handle the awesomeness and there’ll be photos to post later on!

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