Black Leather and a Piano in the Basement Room

Yesterday night, Jeremy Sallon, Ian Sinkovits, Ernie Burns and myself gathered at the Torriano Bar‘s basement room to read poetry. We featured the lovely Rachael Black and had a great bunch of open mic poets as well. I’m madly in love with the venue. It’s at 71-73 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town. We’ll be there again on June 17th, come check us out!

Rachael doing her feature set

More than anything, I love the fact that there’s a piano in there. Just last Friday I was at the Tea House Theatre for Paper Tiger Poetry (hosted by Alain English), and was longingly looking at their piano, thinking how nice it would be to work at a venue with one. Now I do! So, pianists wanted. The Torriano Bar basement is a small room with a great atmosphere, and I’m sure a bit of bluesy instrumental music would suit it just perfectly.


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