Poetry Died But We’re Back as Zombies

Poetry’s Funeral two months ago was a brilliant event, which paradoxically proved how very well and alive the art form truly is. Here is some material from the funeral which I came across only recently; The Minor Poets’ performance on March 23rd.

The next logical follow-up for the funeral in the Poetry in the Basement series is a night on a Zombie theme.

I only realised this morning that it’s really less than two weeks until the Zombie night, and I have no idea what I’ll be performing. I’m tempted to continue with the necrophilia theme I did for the funeral, but I’m wondering, do zombies and necrophilia go together? Leo Bersani, in his book Baudelaire and Freud (1977), writes that “necrophilia is […] sex with an absolutely still partner who, at the extreme, may even be devoured.” If Hollywood zombie films are to be believed, it does seem that zombies would rather do the devouring. I’m not inclined to write a poem about eating brains, that’s for sure, and it would also be a bit of a mainstream cinema cliche. I might try and imagine what it feels like when your body begins to rot, and write about that. I do actually have a poem about being skinned alive, I was saving that for an event called La Petite Mort, but maybe I should give taster of that on the 30th…
I’ll be at Torriano in Kentish Town tonight, hosting The Poetry Massive, if you’re in North London and looking for a new night to check out, come along! Featuring Rachael Black, with an open mic.
The next Until the Light Goes Out will take place on the 3rd of June. Poster’s under construction, keep an eye on this space :)


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