Summer Night Blues

Monday was a GORGEOUS day. It was the first day this year I was outside showing some bare skin, and got my first sunburn of the summer which I’m very proud of! The evening was warm as well, and we opened the windows upstairs of the Library Bar to let the summer night in to this month’s Until the Light Goes Out. Here’s evidence of the 6th of May show (All photos by Michael Clift).

Cheryl McClennan was our feature poet, with her usual witty, original and outspoken verse. Brilliant stuff.

Tonia Thorne headlined the first half of the night, with absolutely beautiful songs. Check her out on YouTube!


I totally enjoyed Rob Marenghi’s fantastic lyrics and catchy sound. He’s in a band called Cats on the Beach (don’t you just love that name?) who are launching a single this month! The launch event‘s on 24th of May in Barfly in Camden Town. I’m certainly looking forward to that!

After the show there were quite a few of us who stayed until 1am in our little poet lounge at the downstairs bar, and then moved onto the warm summer night streets, our heads filled with echoes of (and hopefully inspiration from!) this amazing show.


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