6th of May and the Other Things

I’m very happy to announce that it’s only a week left until this amazing thing takes place again. This time I’ll really be there – I’m up from my deathbed in a rather zombiesque* manner, but back in business.
I’m still devastated that I had to miss the April show. Allegedly the audience was smaller than usual – apparently people have better things to do on Easter. Luckily there’s always the reliable crowd of miserable poets who have no families or generally anything better to do than get very drunk on a Monday night :)
Here’s some pictures from April 1st.
On Friday, Mike and I had an interesting discussion on the themes we want to guide our event towards. Lately we’ve been thinking jazz, 1920s Paris, 1970s New York City and the CBGB‘s…  Tell me it’s ambitious, but with the beautiful, unique, heartfelt and original performances we’ve seen so far at Until the Light Goes Out, I’m gaining confidence that we have something really great going on.
I read the lovely memoir of Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Companya few weeks ago. Ms Beach started off as a humble book seller in Paris in the early 20th century and ended up with regular customers such as Ezra Pound and James Joyce casually hanging out at her shop. Beach’s anecdotes of these great writers in their early days are absolutely fantastic to read. The courage, originality and creativity of the artist community of Paris in that revolutionary time period was remarkable.
Definitely something to look to for inspiration.
*Speaking of zombies, Poetry in the Basement will be following up the Poetry Funeral with a Zombie Poetry night. Watch this space, I might be asked to write some new necrophilia poetry…



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